When a punk rock small fish
meets a big opera shark,
scales fly!


In a post-modern era torn between classical music and a cacophony of emerging underground music scenes, disabled high school music teacher and former opera diva Ms. B learns that disease will soon claim her voice.

She sets out to find one among her students in Period 3 worthy of learning her closely-guarded secret techniques before it’s too late — only to discover that the one person who has what it takes is Rio:

A chain-smoking, binge-drinking, class-ditching, punk rock bad girl who couldn’t give two fucks about the world of opera.

Two wildly different women bridge a chasm between classical and modern, gay and straight, tradition and rebellion, to share their passion for music…

And personal drama.

A queer, intergenerational, and dis/ability-themed story for anyone who’s ever felt torn between two worlds.

Written by Natasha Lau. Art by Yolanda Villegas. Additional Art by Amber Graves, Riyam Lenkeron. Logos by Benjamin Lau, Natasha Lau, Misha Nova. Effects, Layouts, & Lettering by Natasha Lau. Initial Storyboards by Natasha Lau. Additional Storyboards by Yolanda Villegas. Editing by Natasha Lau, Misha Nova. Cleanup by Benjamin Lau, Natasha Lau, Rex Witzel. Original Design & Concept Art by Natasha Lau.